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The current economic situation in the U.S. has caused a foreclosure market that is second to none. You can get a FREE list of foreclosed homes that are currently held by banks and lending institutions anywhere in the United States simply by filling out the form below.

The opportunity for you to buy your first home has never been better than it is right now! And, there has never been a better chance to find incredible deals and start real estate investing! Some of these discounted homes are being sold for anywhere between 5% and 20% BELOW MARKET VALUE!! Simply fill out the form below to receive your list by email from a qualified real estate agent!

What is a bank owned foreclosure?

A bank-owned foreclosure is a home that has gone into foreclosure because the previous (or current) owner has not kept current on the required payments. The bank or lending institution has taken ownership of the property back as collateral on the loan that went into default. Banks, as a general rule, are not in the business of owning property or real estate, so they do as much as they possibly can to make sure that these homes are sold quickly as they are losing money by keeping the property in their inventory. As a result, these foreclosures are usually sold at a decrease in price and are usually below market value.

Get your customized list based on your needs and your budget!

You can now get the most accurate list of the foreclosures available in your area based on the criteria you set forth including your budget. We work with local real estate professionals in your specific markets that will contact you directly and provide you with your list of foreclosed properties, fixer-uppers, and other homes on the market locally that match your criteria (provided that there are properties in the market that meet your specifications). Under most circumstances, this list is sent to you via email after the agent has a chance to speak with you about your needs. This list is subject to change as new homes enter the market and other homes are sold. In order to make sure that you receive the most accurate list possible, each home will be tailored to fit your request based on the information collected here. This way, you do not have to waste your time sifting through pages and pages of homes that are for sale in your area that do not meet your specific needs.

There is no cost or obligation involved in getting your list of bank foreclosed homes! never requires that you, as a potential buyer, pay a fee to us! And, there is no obligation you as a buyer to actually purchase a home. There is no "trial period", no membership fees. You don't pay us per month or annually. In fact, this service is completely free! We do not require a credit card or access to your checking account. Simply fill out the profile questionnaire above and you will begin the process of receiving the most accurate, up-to-date list of foreclosed property listed for sale in your marketplace completely customized to match your specific needs and your budget!

Make a smart decision and buy a foreclosed home!

It is no secret that buying a foreclosed home is one of the smartest real estate investment decisions you can make in this market. Considering they are being sold under market value and are available in every market in the United States, there are homes available that meet your criteria right away! If you are looking to buy a home for yourself or your family, or to simply real estate investing, the time is now. There has never been a better time to buy a repossessed home or a bank-owned home.

Why is purchasing a bank-foreclosed home or a repossessed home a good investment?

When you purchase a bank-owned home, you are making a very smart investment in your long-term future. One of the main reasons this is true is because the homes are usually sold at a reduced rate. Being sold under the market by anywhere from 5%-20% (and in some circumstances as much as 50%) means that you as the buyer automatically make money on the home as you are paying significantly less than what the home is actually worth. The moment you close on that property, you have already developed equity in the home. This equity is what makes the home have "value" to you as an investor or owner. That equity can be leveraged to purchase more property, get loans, etc. And, if you decide to sell the property at its current market value, you would automatically turn a profit.

Are there different types of bank foreclosed homes?

In a word, yes. Foreclosed homes or REOs (real estate owned homes) are categorized in two basic forms - REOs (real estate owned homes that have been repossessed by banks and lending institutions as collateral on a loan that is in default) and pre-foreclosures (also called "short sales"). Pre-foreclosures are homes that are being sold by the current owners in the hopes of being able to sell the home before the bank repossesses it because the owners are behind in their mortgage. Pre-foreclosures usually require the lending institution agree to the sale of the home along with the current owners of the property and can be very difficult and time consuming to get to a closing table. For real estate investors or first-time homeowners, the most convenient, easiest, and safest way to get to the closing table is to purchase a real estate owned home (REO). The reason behind this is that, when compared to just about every other form of property purchase, there is no issue of title. The title is held by the lending institution along with the home. Once you go to closing, a free and clear title is available for you to take at that time without restriction.

Are there major hassles with purchasing a bank foreclosed home?

In most cases, no. When you buy a real estate owned property, or a bank-owned property, you receive the property title and policy without any exceptions. In nearly every circumstance, there are no property taxes owed on the property that have not been paid as the banks (the current owners of the property) will have paid everything at the closing. Also, these homes are usually vacant and are available for you to move into right away or at your own convenience.

Why wait? Fill out the simple form above and start the process to receive a FREE list of bank owned foreclosure homes right away! is completely customizable and is the most accurate way to search your local market for foreclosures and bank-owned homes!! will connect you with a local real estate professional that specializes in the area you want to buy your home. These professionals can provide you with a completely customized list of bank-owned homes based on the criteria that you set forth. Whether you are a new home buyer, first time buyer, or a real estate investor, is completely FREE! There is NEVER any fee and no obligation to buy!

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